Thursday, October 28, 2010

SEO Internet Marketing

SEO is abbreviate by Search Engine Optimisation, Is most the major work for Internet Webmaster, Developer and Owner etc.

SEO Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation Is One Of Internet Makerting Job, Improving The Web Ranking And Search Result Position On Search Engine.

The poor of SEO will be decrease your position ranking, but if Quality and Value SEO will increase your position ranking on popular search engine, and from there bring a lot of TRAFFIC'S to your blog/site etc.

The blog,website that optimised with SEO skills will bring huge benefits, ususally increase your online business profitable no matter what kind of Internet Business you are doing.

At Online Industry, day by day there are milliions (keep growing amount) of people to search some related kind of various information. There have a lot company which provided the related services, because the "SEO Internet Marketing" is only approach that will guarantees your Online Business result and pull your web to top 10 search result.

You can get hundres thousand from search result about "SEO company, consultant, tool etc..." There have several way to get improving your SEO Marketing Skill..

The basic rules are :
1.) Meta
2.) Keyword Analysis
3.) Original Content
4.) Helpful tips and source on content
5.) Link's each together
6.) Backlink
7.) Try several technique, keep analysis your content, update time by time.

There are most major search engine you should consider such as Google, MSN, Yahoo or Asia such as Baidu etc. Each of them have provided the Webmaster Central and Analysis Area, you register it as free and add your website/blog with step by step setup and install. From here, you can gain a lot free tools such as analysed your keyword, competitive keyword, traffic sources, browser's used and so on.

Many of people included you, ask yourself, Why must SEO Internet Marketing, you know why because of the following factor's:
* More than 89% (global internet marketplace) online user's searching the related products and services etc at Online before they decision any purchasing at local or online.
* The consumer's believe the Online Information (although not 100% true) can help them to find out more clearly and comparison of thier needed as reference.
* Your business competitor's already used Internet Business and have been optimizing their Online Business to attract the online user's for sales leads.
* 100% of Online User's would like used Internet to look some FREE information, services, tools, tips and sources etc
* The major future trend that all the Internet User's (included me) will increased to used "Online Tool (such reader)" instead of reading local newspaper, book, magazines etc...
* Many knowlege and experience user's (this amount of user's are keep growing daily) they would like share they social friends how to shopping and leads with online sales.
* Understand only have website, blog, social etc alone (without any promoting, seo optimizing etc) are not GUARANTEE visitor's traffic and make purchasing.
* Understand and believe with relevant SEO optimizing will increase the related traffic onto sales leads
* And much more..

Now you understand and believe what the factors benefits of SEO, now for next posting we will talk the related tools and tricks of SEO Internet Marketing used.

We do not talk all the tips and tools on this post, keep following with us to get more information on each of them.

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