Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IMC Sub Affiliate Program

Earn Up More Extra Online Income With Sub Affiliate Program

IMC Sub Affiliate Program - Great Chance For You To Recommended It Your Friend To Be Your Affiliate Group.

If you already understand about this program. Then take your time to read this continue post article. Sub Affiliate is mean, you can recommended or do referring your Visitors, Subscribers, Opt In List, Facebook Fans Community etc to join this IMC Affiliate Program, once they join it as your Referral Link, they are Auto Become As Your Sub Affiliates.

With Internet Marketing Center's Sub Affiliate System, you have the chance to earn up more extra money with Indirect Sales which not your direct sales lead. The case study is, when some one join with your Affiliates, they also have own Top Rated Internet Marketing Tools & Sources, they promote it at own marketplace and the user is buy it then at the same time you also earn up the extra commission from that sales lead.

That say you have email the your own referral link to your Email Address Contact (safe in list - 1000 friends), to sharing about this offer and make money opportunity, 90% of them are signing up because No Risk No Cost and is FREE JOIN, then of this percentage around 30% are active to keep each other products and 5% are interested
to join and used the Marketing Tools, then chance is you Are Earn More Commission With This Method.

And let say, this 30% as your Sub Affiliate are active to do promoting, and they have earn up the Direct Sales Lead Commission, and you earn up by Indirect Sales Lead Commission (overwrite). Mean both of your also have the chance to earn more online money.

You can get more details of each products commission chart at your Online Member Area. Click here to Sign Up With No Cost and Risk Now...

REMEMBER, as Global Statistics many Online User still never hear of an "Affiliate Program" name, or some of them even don't know much about the concept of Affiliates, they may no idea of it until you have explain for them and show the benefits of earn up commission, and simply tell them you have found the company "Pay Very Generous Referrals Fees For Placing Their Banner or Link On Site Or Anywhere on Internet".

Example As illustration Purpose Only :
E.g. Sell Insider Secret Course (Affiliate Earn $65 / Sub Affiliate Earn $20) by per sales lead

(Indirect Sales Lead) 10 Sub-Affiliates X 16 Course Sales Each Sub Affiliate X $20 Commission Per Sale = $3,200 Per Month!

(Direct Sales Lead) 10 Sales A Month x $65 per sale = $650 per month

Have you see the different, and the power of Sub Affiliate System? You can be one person do all the work, or you are prefer by group working together ^_^.

If you like me, trust me Article Writing Sharing & Recommended, Sign Up With This IMC Affiliatee (you will become as my Sub Affiliate), also at the same time with me together at my "Ric Webmaster Facebook Fans Community"

IMC Affiliate Program Article || IMC Sub Affiliate Program Article

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