Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Internet Marketing Failure Reason

Most eMarketor Are Failure On Internet Marketing Once No Result From They Expected.

For my real work experience on this 2 years on Internet Marketing Business, I have discovered that most top 5 reason why most eMarketor are failure on they own Internet Business, especially for the Internet eMarketor Newbie they have starting with new project.

No Planning For Capital Support
Many Internet Newbie they think can used of very small and one time of investment of capital, then after do and wait see the result from they Web Ranking (hopefully, can closed with a lot sales from the traffic). If you feel you are lucky and different one of them then you can go ahead (i believe lucky, but lucky is i keep doing and work to improve myself).

But once the capital is used finish and no back up, plus the online sales compare all with monthly costing, they are actually Failure even the monthly sales is increase 100% compare of local business volume, WHY? Because they not really into estimated what the monthly and previous capital and setup cost they throw into this Internet Business.

End of day, reason because of THEY or PERSONAL of Marketing Department, Customer Service, Production, Delivery Service etc are low and poor quality services, finally get the result on a lot complaint from eClients, the result is she/he will stop on current eProject (or closed down, keep it no activity, then open again for eShop).

Frog Quacking For Raining
Many of new eMarketor, they paid up all the cost for setting up (although facebook is free platform, but what you are trying to selling and work and time also is your costs), and keep with one way Internet Marketing Method to promote they online business products or services etc, then when this Method are not work for they daily working, end of day they will also stop the eBusiness, or even coming day she/he developed of new Internet Business, the images already failure down by eClients.

Although try in different Internet Marketing method to do your eBusiness will come out a higher costing, but there have a lot the very low cost eMarketing method can be used and do your promoting.

One Man Show
Many previous successful eMarketor are start with Personnel, and today many of case study also is Personal Start-up the 1st phase eBusiness, by the way all this kind of type are "Writer, Blogger, Classified Adder, One Page eBusiness" etc, so if you feel you are very in good writing to capture Global eClients, then go ahead.

If not, do not try for One Man Showing, you should at least got two person to share into one project at your Internet Business. If you less of capital of money, then joining partnership are recommended because costing of Time, both hand is low performance than fourth hand.

Time On Work
With my pass experience, I also meet up this biggest problem. All I do is, keep do a lot promoting on different online marketing, then wait to see the result (not move few days), and also not commitment mysef every day 9.00am will be on my computer to start do my daily planning job.

Everyday imagines that will the Visitors to buy over what I am promoting which control by the eSystem Platform, then the time coming just Log In to Account, the result you see will make you disappointed.

So On time to work your daily job, and also don't over time (they are not good idea sometime you too hard, because you are not smart way on used night time to check up your daily job performance report, and what should be next of your goals).

Planning, and Planning For Work
Planning is most basically and most important for every Local and Internet Business Entrepreneur. If you less of this planning phase, most all of them will failure on they what trying to work.

I personal, used Open Office Excel to manage all my planner work, schedule, monitoring, estimated, P&L sheet etc. Even I used it to analysts for my Keyword Competition, Submission Schedule (avoid for Spamming). When which place I must do for such different Internet Marketing Work at Online Global Marketplace.

If you have good planning, and setting up your Goals, follow step by step to achieve your set up goals, trust yourself, you will get very fast to meet up what you are planning and come out with long term successful.

All above the most basic 5 reason will make up the Internet Business Entrepreneur failure on any time, and end of the day they even don't know what they are trying to selling. Even closing up with a lot eSales, but end up the clients don't know how to used (less of customer support) and get a lot complaints.

Trying improve yourself with Reality Work, and Taken Action, Used the different Internet Marketing Methods will given you a lot best choice to increase your lead sales (no just traffic).

If you are really want to developed into Internet Business Industry, then "The Internet Marketing Specialist Certification Program" is very good eProgram, and the company background is over 10 years on Online Business Industry, support and keep update the New Internet Century for Knowledge, Tools, Support, Certified Internet Marketing Specialists.

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